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The Advantage Of Pocket Spring Mattress
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Pocket spring mattress contains an independent support mechanism that will contour to the shape of your body. The individual pocket springs are totally independent, therefore eliminating any 'roll together' when sharing the mattress. The 1000 springs (spring count a 5'0'' mattress) give a full depth of support allowing for hips and shoulder to sink into the mattress and allowing the mattress to mould into the small of the back and behind the knee's.

The spring unit is topped with multi-layered hypoallergenic fillings and a layer of memory foam giving a deep, contoured comfort and eliminiating the need to turn the mattress.

Pocket coils springs mattress have an air flow system allowing for airflow throughout the mattress. This in turn reduces moisture build up in the mattress and stops heat build-up. The borders have a horizontal stitched edge support allowing for the full sleeping surface of the mattress to be used.