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Spring Mattress And Foam Mattress Which Is Good?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Spring mattress and foam mattress which is good? The two most common mattresses on the market are foam and spring mattresses, with other types of mattresses, such as latex, coconut palm, and water mattresses, in addition to these two types of mattresses, but this only accounts for a small part of the industry. Although some types are very popular in the last two years, most buyers end up choosing a mattress or a bubble or spring.

First, the foam mattress is now becoming more and more popular, because it can adapt to the ergonomic principles of the body, to avoid the body in the sleep of different pressure points, generally speaking, the hardness of these foam is usually divided into medium or higher, but mainly to see the production of raw materials. Although the foam provides a high degree of adaptability, not all foam mattresses have the same comfort, because of the amount and density of materials. The higher the quantity and the density of the foam, the better the flexibility of the mattress. In general, it can be used in different characteristics to choose, for example, can be applied to some adults with lumbar back, muscle or joint pain.

The spring mattress provides different support depending on the type of spring, its main characteristic is the support, can combine each kind of spring to produce different adaptability, for example they have different damping layers on each side of the mattress, the combination of different specifications of the spring can provide more options, such as bag spring usually provides a lower degree of stability, But it also depends on the thickness of the spring and other parts forming the mattress. Bagged springs provide more stable sleep than fixed springs, as they are independent designs that can be adapted to the sleepers ' frames.