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Mattress Spring's Buying Style
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Spring mattress Purchase should follow some principles to help you find a suitable spring mattress.

First, the spring mattress before the purchase is to really understand the main structure of the mattress is in line with ergonomics? can provide the human body moderate support, in lying on its upper, can maintain a state of the most natural well-being, without the slightest oppression and reluctance.

Second, the spring mattress before the purchase to test the elastic hardness of the mattress. Since the human spine is not a straight line, but the shallow s type, therefore needs the appropriate hardness support, a healthy spring system bed, spring mattress to buy comfortable sleep, so too soft or too hard mattress is not suitable, especially in the development stage of children, mattress quality, will directly affect the development of children's spine.

Third, consider the size of the mattress. Spring mattress Purchase, the personal height plus 20 is divided into the most appropriate size, in addition to reserving pillows and hands and feet stretching space, but also reduce the sense of oppression during sleep.

Four, according to personal sleep habits of spring mattress to buy. Because everyone has a different demand for the soft and hard elasticity of the mattress, therefore, the spring mattress before the purchase should first understand the usual personal sleep habits, especially the elderly need to pay special attention to their sleep habits, too soft mattress easy to fall, get up difficult, to the bone gradually loose old people, or choose the high hardness of the mattress advisable.

Five, spring mattress purchase should choose trustworthy and have good after-sales service brands. Because, the mattress market, regardless of import or domestic manufacturers not only Chiba, consumers must have the right choice of ideas and judgment ability, spring mattress purchase should choose a good reputation, perfect after-sales service and quality protection of well-known brands, but also remember to request the original warranty or agents, dealers, Do not believe that the import tariff is the original import mattress and cheated.

Six, spring mattress purchase should be in a variety of postures to try to lie, flip, feel the support of the mattress on the spine and whether the spine can be a good, uniform support, not light to the hand or buttocks pressure mattress, spring mattress purchase should first try to lie down, feel its mattress touch and soft hardness.