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Mattress Spring Production Process
- Dec 12, 2017 -

The first process is neither the spring, nor the tuck, but the feed and feed inspection, which is the primary process of production, but also to strictly control the process. The proper and qualified raw materials are directly related to the production and quality of the mattress products.

The second process is the tuck and wear spring, which is two separate simultaneous processes. Tuck cotton is used in the mattress fabric to the cotton car to the cloth, the last manifestation is the top of the mattress, the bottom layer of the material; Spring is a spiral spring connected into a whole, this is a chain spring mattress technology, independent bag, independent cylinder spring is a spiral spring into a strip, independent non-woven bag, Then glue the bag of the spring to stick to the whole.

The third process is made of cutting beds and bed nets. Cutting the bed is a good cotton cloth to the size of the mattress, the bed net made, with the border iron will wear spring-shaped net, chain spring network or independent bag spring net, fixed, thus forming a bed net.

The fourth process is bottom. The bottom is to put cotton mat or other bedding on the bed, and then place the fine cotton fabric.

Fifth Road Technology Wai. Around the edge is to use the surrounding belt to the upper and lower layers of the fabric sewn together, such a mattress is counted.

Finally, the finished product inspection, packaging, so that the entire mattress process even if completed.