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Mattress Spring Product Classification
- Dec 12, 2017 -


The traditional mattress is a spring with a thick line diameter, fixed by a steel wire, high hardness, hard to sleep, good support but less flexibility, easy to involve, most of the old generation of elders or Japanese because of the influence of living habits, more often use the link spring bed, but if long-term sleep in a fixed position or accustomed to sit by the bed and Four corners, Or do not regularly flip the mattress, easy to cause depression and elastic fatigue.

Steel Wire

Each spring of the mattress is wrapped in a steel line from the bedside to the end of the bed, and then parallel connection, creating a steel mattress unique, in the support, average force and pressure dispersion is the most resilient of all the spring structure.

High elasticity

High elastic spring wire diameter of 1.8mm, after the spring made to steel line to form the entire mattress, the selection of steel high carbon steel hot heating production, can bend 90 degrees and not variant, so has a rebound high, but also has the characteristics of Q soft elasticity.