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How To Choose Mattress Spring
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Consumers in the purchase should be preferred to have a certain scale and visibility of the brand products.

At the same time should pay attention to the following aspects.

First, fabric quality. Spring mattress fabric must have a certain texture and thickness, industry standards required fabric per square metre grams weight is greater than equal to 60 grams; The fabric has a symmetrical pattern of printing and dyeing;

Second, the quality of production. The intrinsic quality of the spring mattress is important for use, the choice should check whether the around edge of the mattress is straight and flat, whether the cushion is full and symmetrical, the fabric without relaxing feeling, hand pressure pressing pad surface 2-3 times, feel should be soft and hard moderate feeling, and have a certain resilience, such as the emergence of a concave uneven phenomenon, It is indicated that the spring steel wire quality of mattress is poor, the other feel should not have the spring friction sound; if there is a net opening or a zipper on the edge of the mattress, then open the check to see if the internal spring has rust; the bedding material of mattress is clean without peculiar smell, bedding material generally uses hemp mat, brown piece, chemical fiber (cotton) felt etc., The use of recycled materials, or bamboo shoots shell, straw, To Shi and other processing made of felt sheet as the cushion material mattress, using these gasket material will affect the physical and mental health and service life.

Third, size requirements. Spring mattress width is generally divided into single and double: single specification for 800mm~1200mm, double specification for 1350mm~1800mm, length specification for 1900mm~2100mm, and product size deviation specified as plus or minus 10mm.