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Benefits Of A Pocket Coil Seating Over More Traditional Foam Interiors
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Benefits of a pocket coil seating over more traditional foam interiors

There are many benefits to choosing pocket springs  over more traditional foam interiors. The fabric pocket used to move and work on there own.

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This ultra-high coil density allows maximum conformity to body contours. Pocket springs can help keep the sofa looking great. Every time that you get up from a pocket sprung sofa all the springs expand and press outwards, helping to maintain the shape of the seat cushion. and stress relieved four inch, 15-gauge, high tensile coil wire make the seat cushion more supportive and support, but with pocket springs you will get a consistent support throughout the life of the sofa. Sofa Pocket Springs allows each spring to slide up and down independently of its neighbours.

A pocket sprung sofa is a great choice if two users of the same sofa vary in weight as the pocket springs are free A sofa using quality pocket springs will last longer than a sofa using the traditional foam interiors. Pre-loaded resilient than standard foam seating. Over time the traditional foam interiors break down and loses there