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About Baby Mattresses
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Newborns will spend 70% of their time in bed, so choosing a good mattress is crucial to making sure the baby sleeps soundly on a high quality mattress. Even if the baby spends the first 4-6 months in a stroller or cradle, choosing a comfortable, high-quality mattress is still a wise choice. Although the baby developed rapidly in the first year, the baby's skeleton is still very soft. Even in early childhood, he will spend 50% of his time in bed, in addition to sleeping at night and napping during the day, so a high-quality mattress can effectively support the spine and make it a straight line. 

And adult mattress, you will be on the mattress of material indecision, in the end is the choice of sponge mattress good or spring mattress good? No mattress is the same, if you haven't decided yet, look at our comparison below, and it might be enlightening. First, the sponge mattress is not used polyether is made of polyester, which means that will be much lighter than the spring mattress, but the main problem is the sponge mattress is easy to bad, and will soon deformation, but the sponge mattress cheap. 

When choosing this type of mattress to determine whether the density is high, but does not mean that the thickness is good, as long as the sponge is to see if the high density of materials. The high density of the sponge mattress will be better support, and can be used for several years. Second, spring mattress, spring baby mattress will be more durable than the sponge mattress on the spring, of course, the mattress will be heavier and the price will be higher than the sponge mattress, the number of springs in the mattress more, at least 150 laps or even more whether it is a sponge mattress or spring mattress, side also need some exhaust holes, these vent holes can be discharged odor. Baby bed standard generally is 5/8 "X 27 1/4", so in the choice of mattresses and the size of the bed to match, in the mattress to the guardrail between the spacing do not exceed two finger width, for the baby car and Cradle mattress choice to pay attention to this problem. If you want the mattress waterproof, you can choose nylon fabric mattress. Third, Yi-Qia children mattress All mattress 100% imported from Spain. It is based on the child's different age, height and design of mattress products developed. By supporting the growth of the spine to achieve effective inhibition of the hump. In Europe, the largest sales market is the furniture stores and children's Hospital, so there are medical mattresses said. 0 paint formaldehyde, easy to manage, all the coats can be washed and washed. Old can be timely with new cloth sets, can also be based on the seasons and children of different age preferences for personalized replacement. The fourth major advantages of solid wooden bed, the use of wood in North America imports of Canadian pine, sheet metal nine layers of ash wood multi-layer board. Fabric yarn Density Using 420 woven high density cotton fabric, and woven into the United States DuPont sterilization nano-fiber, thus fully achieved the inhibition of the whole set of sleep products bacteria regeneration. No matter what kind of mattress you choose to make sure it is not easy to catch fire, relatives and friends may send you their mattresses, although the surface looks good, but some of the second-hand mattress is not fire, and with a long support is not enough, so it is best to buy a new mattress.