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Spring Mattress Selection Tips
- Dec 12, 2017 -

First of all to deep understanding of the main structure of the mattress, a comprehensive look at whether this mattress conforms to human mechanics, whether there is a better experience of the human machine, whether sleep can maintain a most natural and comfortable state.

Test the flexibility of the mattress hardness, appropriate hardness on the human spine is very good support, only very good spring mattress, so that everyone can get the most comfortable sleep experience.

Consider the size of the mattress is also very important, in everyone to buy mattresses, according to individual height plus 20cm for the best size.

According to different people choose different mattresses, if you prefer the softer can choose high elasticity, if the choice for the elderly mattress selection hardness is higher.

Brand and reputation is worth paying attention to, choose the mattress when you want to see the manufacturer and mattress quality guarantee, remember not to blindly choose imported mattresses.

To try to lie in person is very important, we can buy mattresses when trying to lie down, personally feel the mattress mattress and soft hardness, and then according to experience to buy.