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Is the spring mattress good or latex mattress good?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

1. Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress raw materials taken from the rubber tree sap, and then through multiple latex filtration, distillation, remove high-quality latex juice, add curing agent, through the exquisite process technology for foaming, mold and other processes production.

2. Palm Mattress

Soft and hard mattress, soft mattress, hard mattress Three materials are natural palm tree bark, flexibility is very good, the key point is environmental health, to protect the body of people, mountain palm trees in a cool environment, so there is breathable cool, winter warm summer cool effect.

3. Sponge Mattress

Sponge mattress and Spring mattress has a different place, the sponge to sleep on the beginning is very comfortable, but used not long, soon the mattress has a slight dent, the body's spine will be corresponding deformation. Sponge Mattress Resilience is not very good, for the growing development of people, not sleeping sponge material mattress, not conducive to health.

4. Spring Mattress

The birth of the first spring mattress, swept the world, changed people's sleep habits. Since then we have a new understanding of spring mattress, by the vast number of consumers love, spring mattress flexibility, bear the body pressure is good, while the advantages of breathability is not negligible. The elderly and the physically underdeveloped are unfit for use.

Mattress is an important part of life, a good mattress can relieve our body fatigue. So what's the selection technique for the mattress?

First, see whether the appearance of the mattress thickness uniformity, surface formation, line scar symmetry beautiful, but also to see if the mattress has a certificate.

Second, try to pressure the filler is evenly distributed, back to the elastic good quality of the mattress.

Third, the ear to detect the quality of mattress spring.

The above is a small addendum to bring the spring mattress and latex analysis, as well as the choice of mattresses.