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Is the mattress good or the spring mattress?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Mat, the most common coconut mat cheap, but contains a lot of urine aldehyde gum, affect the health of the body. The expensive is the mountain brown mattress, uses the Highland Wild Mountain Brown and the natural latex manufacture. The price is more affordable is environmentally friendly brown, is coconut palm and polyester fiber hot pressing, do not contain glue and formaldehyde, but hard.

Spring mattress, the cheapest is the wire drawing spring, the disadvantage is to roll over the friction of the spring, the basic has now been eliminated, the former hotel mattress, often used, now the hotel also eliminated such mattresses. Down is the connection of independent spring, this is often used, but because it is connected, so one side of the other side will have a slight impact on a little bit more expensive is the bag independent spring, it is each spring with non-woven cloth bag, mutual non-interference, independent force. Is the most common high-grade mattress spring.