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How about a spring pillow?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

To judge the quality of their pillows, first pay attention to the height of their pillows. The idea of "peace and rest" is very harmful to human health. If sleeping pillow, whether supine or lying on the side, will make the cervical physiological state changes, so that some parts of the neck muscle excessive tension. Over time, there will be a variety of health problems, it can not be ignored, the height of the pillow, if the habit of sleeping words on the choice of a high pillow, if the habit of sleeping on the side of the pillow to choose about half a fist,

This choice is most reasonable. Pillow Height pillow is not worry-free normal sleep high pillow, whether supine or lying on the side, will make the cervical physiology radian change, over time, the neck muscles will occur strain, spasm, accelerate the deformation of the intervertebral joint, and promote the formation of bone spur, leading to instability of the cervical spine and so on.

In addition, the pillow will increase the angle of the neck and chest, so that tracheal ventilation is blocked, easy to lead to pharynx, sore throat and snoring. Low pillow is not comfortable normal sleep low pillow, also will change the physiological state of the cervical vertebra. Because the head of the veins without valve, gravity will make the brain venous reflux slowly, arterial blood supply relative increase, resulting in head rise, irritability, insomnia and other symptoms of discomfort.